Where you stay during your Safari is one of the most important aspects of your safari. Accomodations available on Safari are quite difference than city accomodations.

Here is some important information to keep in mind on what to expect.

Categories of Accomodation

We offer 7 categories of accommodations in and around national parks and we refer to these categories as

  1. Economy
  2. Standard
  3. Standard+
  4. Comfort
  5. Comfort+
  6. Premium
  7. Premium+

Price increases in the above order with Economy being the lowest cost and Premium+ being most expensive. We offer multiple options within each category that you can select from, subject to availibitly

Classification of Accomodations

Our accommodation classification (into categories mentioned above) depends on a range of parameters including

  1. Location and accesibility
  3. Food & Service quality
  4. Quality of rooms & interiors
  5. Feedback from previous clients
  6. Price.

As we move across categories from Economy to Premium+, all or most parameters mentioned in point 2, tend to improve.

Within a category, at a particular location all accommodation options cost the same (during peak season). However, there could be considerable difference between parameters mentioned in point 2 within a category.

For example, within premium category in Masai Mara we may offer 2 camps - Camp A & Camp B. Camp A would be located in the middle of Masai Mara (which is great location) but room quality and service level would be average. Whereas camp B would be located 30 min outside Masai Mara (which is not so great location) but room quality and service level would be excellent.

So if clients are particularly interested in better location or better service level or food quality, etc at the accommodation, we suggest them to check TripAdvisor reviews and select the alternative they like best or discuss this with your sales consultant/travel agent in advance.

Does Monkey Adventures own or operate the accomodations?

Accommodations suggested and booked are all run by independent third party companies and Monkey Adventures and its agents/partners have no role in the management of these accommodations.

How is a Safari Lodge different compared to a hotel in the City?

There can be significant differences in the experience offered in safari lodges and camps compared to hotels in cities.

For example, some of the premium camps may not have hair dryers in room and may not have electricity and hot water available for all 24 hours but they still provide the attentive luxury and exclusivity expected from a luxury boutique resort.

Most tented camps/camps including the premium ones have canvas walls/doors including for bathroom. Please always check pictures and reviews of accommodations that you selected before booking.

Some of the accommodations - especially in Serengeti offer bucket showers, wherein a bucket (of 20L) is filled with warm water and lifted behind the tent and flow can be controlled with tap. Buckets will be refilled by helper if required.

We usually suggest Economy category accommodations only for backpackers as several of economy category accommodations (especially in Kenya) are quite basic and may not be a good fit for families and couples.

Room Configuration

Double sharing room would have 1 large bed (king size of queen size bed) and twin sharing room would have 2 single beds in a room. For 2 people sharing a room, we usually book double sharing room.

If clients need twin sharing room, it should be communicated in advance. Price would be same for double sharing or twin sharing.


Because of their remote location, Wifi/Phone network may not be available at some of the accommodations. Even where its available, it might not work consistently throughout the lodge and could be limited to common areas.

Location, Location, Location

Some of the lodges/camps are located inside national park/reserve while some might be located just outside the national park/reserve or in a nearby town/village.

Some accommodations could be as far as 1 hour drive away from the nearest park gate. If you are specifically looking for accommodations located inside or very close to gate or outside National park/reserve etc, please let us know.

Safety from Wildlife

Most of the lodges/camps located inside the National park are not fenced and wildlife might come close to the rooms. These are however absolutely safe and thousands of tourists stay in such camps across Africa every night. By following the basic safety instructions given by the hotel staff, you can avoid conflict from wildlife


All accommodations while on safari, are booked on Full Board basis. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are prepared and served by accommodation.

Beverages are not included at most accommodations and are charged additional to clients directly.

Some of the accommodations can be booked on All Inclusive basis in which case beverages will be included with your stay. This will be mentioned (as AI) in your voucher for the respective accommodation.


Lunch while on safari, will be usually packed lunch arranged by your accommodation. Your guide will suggest a picnic lunch spot where you can enjoy the packed lunch. This allows for more flexibility in game drives and safari schedule.

Hot lunch can be arranged on some of the days upon prior request (needs to be informed before booking and might cost extra for some itineraries).

Drinking Water

Most accommodations offer about 750ml to 1 liter drinking water per person per night. These bottles are usually found in your room and are usually complimentary.

If you need additional drinking water you can carry some from your vehicle to your accommodation. Bottled water ordered in restaurant is usually charged at hotel rates.

Please check with the accomodation staff during checkin for exact details as each accomodation is different and operates differently.

Accomodations in the City

Accommodations in Cities/towns before or after your safari tour (in Nairobi/Arusha etc) are usually booked on Bed & Breakfast basis. So Lunch/Dinner while in town before/after will be charged additional. It’s possible to pre book lunch/dinner in these hotels by reserving them on Full Board or Half board basis by paying additional.

Special Dietary Needs

Any dietary restrictions, preferences should be communicated in written, well before your arrival and our team will communicate the same to your accommodations.

However, our role is limited to notifying the accommodation about your dietary restrictions/ preferences and tour operators are not in a position to verify if accommodation follows these requirements.

Laundry Service

Most accommodations offer laundry service for their guests, but you would need to stay at same accommodation for 2 consecutive nights at-least so that you can handover your laundry in the morning and collect in the evening.

Extra charges might apply and needs to be paid directly by clients.

Service issues in accomodation

If you face any issues w.r.t your room or food or water or service or any other issues during your stay at accommodation, along with reporting to your camp manager, please also contact your briefing manager from Monkey Adventures.

While we cannot guarantee an immediate resolution, our team would try its best to contact senior management of the camp and try to fix the issue.

Final thoughts

We strongly recommend you to check the accommodation website and tripadvisor reviews and evaluate if these accommodations suit your taste.

After the end of your safari, our partners will request your feedback on the accommodations. Please share your valuable feedback on all the accommodations so that we can pass on suggestions for improvement to respective hotels.