We are a budget tour operator, organising treks to Mt. Kilimanjaro as well as Safaris to the Northern parks. We have served several hundred trekkers and have a great track record, with an "Excellent" rating on TripAdvisor with only great reviews.

Having said that, our service is not perfect. But we are trying hard everyday to improve ourselves. We have a robust feedback system in place. Right after the trek, we collect feedback on various parameters such as guide performance, meals, equipment, etc.

Despite our processes, sometimes we fall short of delivering the experience we want to deliver. In the interest of transperency, and to educate future customers who are trekking with us, on this page, we are discussing common issues which trekkers have reported in the past.

We want to eliminate all issues and deliver a perfect trek, every time to every trekker. And we are hoping this page and the effort we are putting in will get us there some day.


We have noticied that tipping is always a sore area.

We have written an extensive guide on tipping on our website. It can found here - Tipping on Kilimanjaro. In the guide we have estimated the tips for various group sizes on different routes.

We also mention the approximate crew size for your group. We have asked the guides to also inform you about the crew size for your group during the pre-trek breifing.

You only need to tip what you feel is appropriate for the service provided. We only provide the guidelines to help you with your estimates.

Under no circumstances should you feel pressured to tip more than what you wish to. Our guides have been briefed on the same.


Meals are extremely important during your Mt. Kilimanjaro trek. Only with the right fuel, can the body perform optimally. And meals are extremely subjective. We have seen the same meals, on the same your getting different scores in our feedback.

Meals are cooked fresh on the mountain by our well-trained cooks. During the off-season, we sit with each cook and try out all the recipes and try to improve with new and fresh ideas.

We are aware that each individual has different tastes when it comes to food. We request you to please share your feedback to the cook or senior guide after every meal. You can tell us what you liked and what we could change.

Since the meals are prepared fresh, we will always try to incorporate your feedback into the next meal by making as many changes as possible while on the mountain.



Last updated on June 30, 2019.